Making money with your site

A website is an investment, but it also foolishly earns you revenue. Without a functioning website, your customer will not book with you and you will miss out on sales. By the way, did you know that 91% of young people under 30 prefer not to call or email? They just want to be able to book online without getting in touch with them. Another reason to get your site checked quickly with our website service.

Free advice

Let us give advice on your website. Approachable, non-binding and clear. Even if you are very satisfied with your website, we know how to make huge improvements with small details. More visitors and more online bookings. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation check.

Need a new site?

Are you ready for a new site, and do you want everything to be right? Then, for €39.00 per month through LeisureKing, you will have a site built according to your current needs. Of course in your company colors and your own offer. Of course, LeisureKing is integrated so you have a plug and play website. Of course we also help you with the right interpretation and advice.

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