Who is LeisureKing for?

Boat Rental

Ticket sales

Give visitors access to your museum, zoo, amusement park or brewery with LeisureKing's ticketing module. In advance, you determine a maximum number of visitors per time slot. After a booking, this availability is automatically adjusted.

Personalized tickets with a unique QR code
Greater reach through bookings through various platforms such as Booking.com
Simple accounting
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Bicycle Rental

Bowling alley

With LeisureKing, your bowling alley not only becomes bookable online, on the shop floor you also improve. For example, the planning board automatically links reservations to the most ideal lane; of course, this can also be adjusted manually. There is also a handy cash register module for catering sales. So you have everything you need in one system.

Clear planning board for jobs and combo outings
Package tool for bowling and dining
Easily put a job 'in maintenance'
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Children's attraction


With LeisureKing, your wakeboard, water ski, kitesurf and SUP activities can be booked online in 3 steps. The customer pays in advance online, making no-shows a thing of the past. In advance, you determine for each activity the maximum number of participants, the equipment needed and the duration.

Equipment rental and workshop registration possible
Simple quick cash register to sell or rent items on location
Own time locks and automatic inventory management
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Climbing Park

With LeisureKing, you determine the time blocks yourself. When a reservation is placed, the number of available spots per time block or start time automatically decreases. This way, your offer is always up-to-date and double bookings are a thing of the past. With the discount codes, you can also set up fun promotions.

Determine the maximum number of people per time block
Sell online children's parties and packages
Online bookable without major website modifications
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E-chopper rental


Do you have all kinds of fun outdoor activities, but sometimes lose track? With LeisureKing you regain insight into all reservations and you can compile all kinds of packages yourself. Per activity the time period and corresponding supply can be determined. And after booking, emails are automatically sent to the customer with all the necessary information.

Easily sell group packages online
No overflowing mailbox, fewer phone calls and therefore more time
Sell barbecue easily as an upsell
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Other activities
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