Check-in screen

Your customer has already reserved the activity online through your website, so don't expect a queue at your location. By deploying check-in screens accelerates this process and provides opportunities for an even more efficient workflow. In the check-in process, you can have digital approval of terms and conditions before the customer can proceed. After verifying the reservation, the customer a receipt showing the activity booked, the number of people and where the customer should check in. Adding start times, a QR code or other details is possible. You can also choose a check-in screen where the customer automatically receives a wristband. For example, you can have different colored wristbands printed with the information you want on them. Do you like to work with tokens? This is also possible! After the check-in also be connected to a coin machine that issues tokens for your activity. This saves on personnel costs and prevents a queue.

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Order screens

Why still employ a cashier? Your customer can much more easily choose their activity via a screen, pay and receive a receipt with instructions! Your customer arrives at the location and sees an order screen hanging. This one looks attractive because of the graphics created for your venue. The customer easily orders their desired tickets and receives a receipt for confirmation. The customer displays this voucher at the activity as confirmation. On this voucher can include various details that benefit your workflow. Think about what they ordered but also where they need to report. It is also possible to work with printed wristbands or a coin dispenser that are automatically issued after a successful payment at the order kiosk. Purchasing an order screen for your activity(s) will save on staff costs at the checkout and improve your flow.

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Multiple screens

LeisureKing likes to think with you and always makes a no-obligation recommendation when it comes to your organization's workflow. A check-in screen and/or order screen must be be useful and profitable. It is also possible that multiple screens are advised to achieve the desired result. Of course the screens connect seamlessly with the LeisureKing system, so that you have everything in one overview.

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When not in use, the screen automatically displays a video of your business. In this way, your screen is also a marketing tool and passers-by see what you have to offer.


A check-in or order screen pays for itself quickly by saving on personnel costs. A screen has a depreciation period of 5 years. Would you like to receive a quote from LeisureKing? Send us a message!

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