Frequently Asked Questions

LeisureKing general

Who are the people behind LeisureKing?
How secure is LeisureKing?
How does LeisureKing handle my customer's privacy information?
Does LeisureKing also have a helpline if I'm at a loss for words?
I want to start using LeisureKing tomorrow already, is this possible?
I am already working with a system but am not satisfied. Will LeisureKing help with transferring my already created activities?
There is an internet outage and I can't see my reservations. What now?
Do I need a fast computer for LeisureKing?
Is LeisureKing only available in the Netherlands?

Payment options

Can my customer also pay through LeisureKing?
Can my customer also pay in-store?
Can I also purchase an ATM through LeisureKing?

LeisureKing and your website

Is LeisureKing suitable for all websites?
I would like to be bookable online, what should I do?
I mainly have a lot of foreign guests, can they make reservations in their own language?

System Features

Can I also create quotes from LeisureKing?
Is LeisureKing a POS system?
Can I also offer tickets through LeisureKing's system?
I don't want the customer to be able to book online on the day, can this be taken into account?
I just want to receive my reservations by mail, is that possible?
I want to send a separate confirmation to my customer for each activity, is that possible?
I want to be able to scan my stock, is that possible?

Marketing and other functions

Does LeisureKing make me more findable with Google?
I don't have a location but my equipment is at hotels in the area.
I would like a hotel or campground to be able to book my services online, is this possible?
Can I pair my services with a hotel stay?
For regional marketing in our area, we want to collaborate online, is that possible?
Is LeisureKing affiliate software?
I already have a billing/accounting program, can I combine it with LeisureKing?
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