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LeisureKing is the gamechanger when it comes to selling season tickets or strip tickets. Instead of thinking we welcome everyone all day long, it turns out they spend an average of several hours in your indoor arcade, zoo, playground, amusement park or museum. With this data, many LeisureKing clients started looking at their businesses differently and came to the conclusion that your season ticket holders can get in your way during your peak hours or peak days. After all, the spending pattern of a subscription holder is different than a visitor who visits your activity, attraction or venue once. A subscription from LeisureKing gives you more revenue and different occupancy.

Trip card for your activity

You know your peak times, when it's run down and all your activities are gone. You can easily see these peak times in LeisureKing, but you know yourself that most of the time it's busier in the afternoon than it is at 9 o'clock in the morning. Or is the weekend busier than Monday morning? A pity, of course. Your activity is then glittering while it should be rented. If you offer this activity cheaper or put it on an off-peak time card, you will have more revenue, better occupancy and all day entertaining customers around you. You determine the days or times that the strippenkaart or subscription is valid. Eureka.

LeisureKing subscription

Good plan right?

We understand that! After all, you want more sales, more stable occupancy and a ticketing system that simply does what you want. LeisureKing has over 400 Dutch companies as customers, is a specialist in ticketing and is free because the system is paid for by your customer. They pay a small fee over the reservation, giving you a free system. It also includes many features that make doing business even more fun and easy. Make an appointment for an on-site demo here!

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