Marco, Dream Parks:

"Besides being a very user-friendly system, I also find the events calendar with the Front Office App to be a real added value."

As a marketer, you have to make sure that the company you work for comes into the consumer's mind in unique ways. But you also have to make sure the story you tell is true. At Droomparken, we put everything on guest experience and innovation. Which, by the way, we've been doing successfully for years.

And our new concept of Tiny Houses is also a huge hit. By combining this unique stay with fun activities in the immediate area, we can give our guests a fantastic experience. Therefore, at our park in Otterlo we use the Front Office App. With this app we can very easily and directly sell our guests tickets to the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. We used to have to buy voucher books in advance. But this always caused hassle at the reception desk. And sometimes we even lost a booklet, literally losing money. With the Front Office App, we buy the tickets only when guests are at our front desk. And they can then checkout the tickets directly. As a service, we print the tickets for free, and from the app we can also forward the tickets to the guest's email address if desired. Ideal! We also sell other activities in the area, such as bicycle and scooter rentals. But also tickets for amusement parks and even for our own activities. All information can be easily found by our reception staff in the user-friendly app.

What I also think is an added value of the Front Office App is that it now includes a regional events calendar. This allows us at the front desk to see at a glance what local events are taking place. LeisureKing, the developer of the app, likes to think with us. For example, there are now plans to add the activities as an upsell to our Droomparken App. And once guests are at the park, that they see via narrowcasting what activities and attractions are available in the immediate area. In this way we ensure an even better guest experience and that's what it's all about!

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