Recras reservation system? You're looking for LeisureKing!

Recras reservation system? LeisureKing is a better fit for your business. LeisureKing is the fastest growing ticketing and reservation system for any business operating in the leisure market.

Never heard of LeisureKing?

LeisureKing is a total package that can be linked to your own website so that reservations, payments and stock management take place completely online. LeisureKing makes business fun again!

5 reasons why LeisureKing is a better fit for your business than Recras

We are happy to tell you what we are good at - perhaps better than our competitors.

  • LeisureKing is built from practice. The system is not only developed for you as a customer - we use it ourselves. This has the advantage that the system fits well with practice.
  • The reservation system is for any kind of day recreation. More than 500 locations currently use LeisureKing - we have already built the functionalities to their needs.
  • We continue to develop. Our in-house developers update the system every week to serve you even better.
  • Your customer stays on your own website. The LeisureKing IFrame (fully customizable to the style of your website) is easily placed on any website. The customer does not have to leave your website to make a reservation.
  • 99.99% up-time. By 2022, LeisureKing has been 99.99% online. We do everything we can to make sure your customers can always book.

Still considering the Recras reservation system?

Let me convince you by one of the following features.

We can help you offer subscriptions and strip cards. When the customer purchases a subscription through the store, they can log in with their last name and associated email address. Then the customer can schedule one reservation based on availability and pay with the credit of the subscription.

Redundant handling at check-in? Not at LeisureKing. Simply scan the QR Code of a reservation in the mobile environment to retrieve the data. Do you use entrance tickets? After scanning the code on the ticket, you make the reservation active in just one click.

You can link LeisureKing with the other programs you use for your business such as Social Deal,, Google Analytics and Mailchimp. See more information about the links on our partners page.

Recras has this feature, can LeisureKing do the same?

LeisureKing is suitable for all kinds of day recreation, from museums to trampoline parks. Different activities require different features, which is why you will find more useful features for your business on the pages below.

Reservation system for boat rentals
Reservation system for bike rentals
Reservation system for Escape Rooms
Reservation system for climbing parks and climbing forests
Ticket sales system
Reservation system for guided tours
Workshop reservation system
Reservation system for outdoor activities
Reservation system for bowling lanes
Reservation system for water activities
Reservation system for one-day events
Transportation resource reservation system

Still didn't find what you were looking for?

We're happy to help if you need more information comparing LeisureKing with the Recras reservation system. Please contact us via the contact page, call us at 088-7307676 or request a free Demo account!
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