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Do you give tours of a beautiful city or brewery, for example, but this is not yet bookable online through your website? Or are you looking for a system to make this even easier? Then try LeisureKing's reservation system. In 3 steps your tours can be booked online! The customer can then book and pay online directly with you which means you have to answer far fewer emails and phone calls. So you save time!

All bookings show up in an easy overview so you can see at a glance how many people booked each tour. And because the customer pays in pays in advance, you also no longer have to deal with no-shows. But rest assured, not everything has to be online. If a customer calls or arrives, you can very easily manually add a booking.

So how exactly does it work?

For each tour, you determine in advance the time period (e.g., hourly or half-day) and a maximum number of participants. When a reservation is subsequently placed, the availability for that tour is automatically updated. The customer then receives a confirmation via email with a personal reservation number or ticket.

Furthermore, with LeisureKing, you do not have to modify the entire website to offer your tours online. In fact, only a small window needs to be added. Moreover, you can design this window in the style of your website. So no major changes at all! Setting up the online booking of your tours Of course, you don't have to do it all yourself, we will help you personally.

Extras from LeisureKing

It is possible to add multiple branches and/or users at no cost. This way you can oversee everything in one system, and all your employees can also see what is booked. Furthermore, your tickets are also automatically offered on various external websites and platforms. For example, your tickets can be booked at the reception of hotels, campsites, bungalow parks and tourist information offices in your area, via the Front Office app. So this makes it easy for you to reach a much larger audience. And do you, for example, have a brewery or vineyard and want to combine the tour with a tasting? We have thought of that too!

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Benefits of LeisureKing

Payment in advance, so fewer no-shows
No overflowing mailbox, fewer phone calls and therefore more time
No monthly fees
Simple accounting
Greater reach through bookings across platforms
Faster handling at the start of the tour
Personal assistance in setting up / setting up the system
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