Reservation system for Escape Rooms

Free to use for you as an entrepreneur
Online booking and payment through your own website
Automatic inventory management and own time locks possible
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Do you have one or more escape rooms but they are not yet easily bookable online through your website? Or are you using a system but can't do everything you'd like with it? Then try LeisureKing's CRM system. In 3 steps, all your escape rooms can be booked online tomorrow! The customer can book and pay online directly with you, which means you have to answer far fewer emails and phone calls. So you save time!

All reservations will appear in an easy overview so you can see at a glance who, which room, booked when. And because the customer pays in advance, you also no longer have to deal with no-shows. But rest assured, not everything has to be online. If a customer calls or walks in, you can very easily add a reservation manually.

So how exactly does it work?

You first link the time blocks to the available rooms. Then when a reservation is placed , that room is no longer available for other reservations. So your offer is always up to date and double bookings are a thing of the past. And with the handy planning board, you can easily move made reservations to another room. This allows you to make last-minute adjustments that allow you to work more efficiently on the shop floor.

Furthermore, with LeisureKing, you do not need to modify the entire website to become online bookable. In fact, only a small window needs to be added. Moreover, you can design this window in the style of your website. So no big changes! Making your escape room(s) bookable online is not something you have to do all by yourself, of course we will help you with that personally.

Extras from LeisureKing

It is possible to add multiple branches and/or users at no cost. This way you can oversee everything in one system, and all your employees can also see what is booked. Furthermore, your escape rooms are also automatically offered on various external websites and platforms. This allows guests of hotels, campsites, holiday parks and tourist information offices in your area can easily book your escape room at the reception, via the Front Office app of the receptionist. So this allows you to easily reach a much larger audience.

Benefits of LeisureKing

Payment in advance, so fewer no-shows
No overflowing mailbox, fewer phone calls and therefore more time
No monthly fees
Simple accounting
Greater reach through bookings across platforms
Faster processing of in-store reservations
Personal assistance in setting up / setting up the system
The system was developed from our own experience
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