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Checklist for your new season

Posted on Friday, April 9, 2021

With the checklist below, we want to help you as a LeisureKing user to start the new season in the best possible way.

Are your time slots created properly?
Make sure your time locks are set correctly. With time locks, you can regulate that your location never gets too crowded. But have you ever thought about using time slots to rent out your boat, bike or E-chopper, two, three, or maybe even four times a day? It's even possible to leave time between time slots to change your batteries or clean your rental item.

Are your automatic emails set up properly?
Your mail plans ensure that your guest is extra well-informed about reservation status. But did you know that you can also use these moments to "upsell" in advance? Do you automatically alert your guest in advance that you are selling lunch boxes, for example? And did you know you can also send an email afterwards to introduce your guest to all the other activities you offer? You can even add a discount code to the email to encourage repeat visits from your guest!

Is your staff well trained?
As you know, we host several free webinars every month. Register yourself and your colleagues to start the new season in the best possible way! But did you know that LeisureKing also provides customized training? We create a training especially for your company and ensure that your colleagues learn to get the most out of the LeisureKing system and a customer visit with a fun and interactive program. Would you like to know more? Give us a call or email us!

Are you already familiar with the new Front-Desk user environment?
Especially for you, LeisureKing has a new, easy checkout environment available since this year. Have you become curious? Log in here and see for yourself! This user environment is completely built for mobile devices. This means you can access the checkout environment anytime and anywhere on your mobile, tablet or just your computer. Did you know that you can also link LeisureKing to a pin machine or install a QR scanner? This way you can help your guest even faster, in even less actions. Does that appeal to you? Let us know, then we'll tell you all about the possibilities.

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